Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dota 2 Add

Hello! My name is Daniel, and I am a student at Thor Heyerdahl High School and go to the same class as Andreas. I made this flash animation during class as a part of a year-long project. My inspiration was taken from the game “Dota 2” which is made by “Valve”, a software company. The genre of the game is often called MOBA or Action RTS, and originated from the “Warcraft 3” mod “Defence of the Ancients”. The idea behind the animation was to encourage new players to buy wards, which grants vision within the game. You kind of have to play it to understand how important it is, and how annoying it is when people don’t buy them.

If you have any questions or constructive criticism, you can reach me at pyroic7@gmail.com. I’d also like to recommend the game to anyone who likes any form of strategy game.


  1. Hey Daniel, I thought this was really well done. I liked the concept and I thought the eyes in the dark at the start were a cleaver way to begin. The design, animation and idea are all top notch, and really look professionally done. It's simple, not wordy and gets the point across cleanly. I love the design and the fade to black with the shop owner. The only suggestion I'd have is that when the A comes up to split the wards, you have some dead space/air there that I think could be eliminated. I'd like to suggest maybe having the B in "buy" and the W in "Ward" attached to the bottom part of the A so that they fly in slightly behind it.

    Seriously though, for high school this is excellent and surpasses many of the concepts I've seen in my advertising class, as well as a whole lot of animation I've seen. This is legitimate college level work. Good Job.

    1. >.< I meant the Y in Buy. But have the whole words come up slightly behind the A and than settle into place. This way you have the wards still splitting and you eliminate your dead air.

  2. Awesome! Hope to see more!

  3. Fullt navn? hilsen Njaard på Thor Heyerdahl Videregående Skole som er på utkikk etter flere dotabuddies.

  4. Steam ID'en hans er PlayStationDaniel, har gitt beskjed slik at han kan accept'e deg.